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  • Powerful Pixiv Downloader(Pixiv图片批量下载器) v5.1.2

    Powerful Pixiv Downloader

    批量下载、过滤作品、下载时重命名、转换动态图片,等等。 Batch download, filter works, rename when downloading, convert animated images, and more. GitHub: https://github.com/xuejianxianzun/PixivBatchDownloader QQ Group: 499873152pbr/p

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  • Flickr Photos Download(Flickr图片下载) v0.1

    Flickr Photos Download

    This extension makes easier to download images from Flickr.com in any available size. You dont need to click to quot;All sizesquot;. Simply click to the extension icon and select size you want to download. This is beta version and if you find some bug or

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  • One-click Downloader(一键下载) v1.2.5 201

    One-click Downloader

    This Chrome/Chromium extension allows you to mass-download images from common one-click hosters (like ImageVenue, imgur, ImageBam, etc.) usually used on various image boards and websites. This extension comes fully localized in German and English and does

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  • Lightroom CC(图像后期处理工具) v3

    Lightroom CC

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, powerful, yet intuitive camera app and photo editor. Lightroom empowers you to capture and edit beautiful images while helping you to become a better photographer. EDIT YOUR PHOTOS ANYWHERE Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Cr

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  • Local Image File Viewer(本地图像文件查看器) v0.0.0.41

    Local Image File Viewer

    Ever open a file:/// image from your local file system explorer only to find that you want to view the next and previous image in the directory with ease? Well now you can. Install the extension and visit its options page for more details about how it wor

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  • Click and Save(点击并保存) v1.7.9

    Click and Save

    Save pictures and images just by clicking on them. Great image saver! Auto Save Auto Rename Download All Images Filters (filter by url keywords, image size) Floating Image Save button, toolbar Generate unique filenames+++++ On/Off switch Saves Images with

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  • Online Photo Editor Pixlr (在线照片编辑器) v1

    Online Photo Editor Pixlr

    Pixlr is a convenient program for professional photo processing, which includes an advanced set of tools. Supports all common image formats, including JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PSD and TIFF. Pixlr Editor is a highly professional software package that is almost

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  • Photo Screen Saver(屏幕保护) v3.10.9

    Photo Screen Saver

    This extension displays a screensaver composed of a slide show of photos from multiple sources. Supported photo sources include: * Your Google Photos and Albums Note: Albums shared by others are not supported * Some background photos used by Chromecast *

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  • 圖像調整(图像调整软件) v2.6


    于是乎,照片和图像对人们的生活很重要。照片能唤起许多回忆。出于这个原因,数码相机成为这个现代世界的必须工具之一。事实上,越来越多的人拥有他们的手机拨出的数码相机,同时也是能采取的数码照片。 这是因为,数码相机必须采取重大的质量和相对于移动电话的高分辨率数字图像的能力。如果你的照片是高品质的,他们将是完美的,它们存储在一个文件夹画廊在线或打印出来的硬拷贝。 具有高品质的输出联机调整大小的图片是不是今天一

    大小:31.61 KB图片cheome插件

  • QN (全能看图) v1.0.1.8


    ph2QN - 全能看图插件背景/h2全能看图是一款轻便专业的看图工具,功能强大操作简单,精妙图像处理技术,还原真实色彩,速度比传统看图软件更快,完美支持CMYK模式,支持多达百种图片格式。良心软件不添加任何广告,用户口碑和体验是全能看图的追求。brbr它完全免费且体积轻巧,在谷歌插件商店拥有数以万计的用户使用,由上海豆楷境网络科技有限公司开发并推出,是您在选择看图工具时的最佳选择。brbrbrh2QN - 全能看图插件介绍/h2全能看图插件是

    大小:120 KB图片cheome插件

  • Save Image to Downloads(保存图像到下载) v1.0.5

    Save Image to Downloads

    This simple extension adds a quot;Save Image to Downloadsquot; right-click menu item to download an image directly to the quot;Downloadsquot; folder. This is to avoid the annoyance of having to choose the directory to download every time you want to save

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  • Gif Delayer(Gif延期) v0.1.1

    Gif Delayer

    Gif Delayer solves one of the dumbest first-world problems by hiding all gifs until they have fully loaded. Never again will you have to see stuttering gifs that start playing before being fully downloaded. And you will no longer have to wait until a gif

    大小:108 KB延迟器cheome插件

  • ZIG Lite(小乐图客-简洁版) v2019.10.1

    ZIG Lite

    ┏━━━━━━━━━┓ 小乐图客 - 简洁版 轻松取图,自由存图! ┗━━━━━━━━━┛ 全球最受欢迎的Chrome浏览器图片批量下载工具: 小乐图客-简洁版,是极客版【http://goo.gl/n8SMk】的精简版本。 另外:不含搜索引擎功能、网页编辑功能、网页截图功能,实用小部件等等。 喜欢超级DIY的朋友(取图规则、自定义搜索引擎、自定义右键菜单等等)可以移步到小乐图客极客版 http://goo.gl/n8SMk 查看。 简洁版主要功能简介: 1、支持自定义网站取图规则

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  • Fullscreen Slideshow(全屏幻灯片投射) v1.5

    Fullscreen Slideshow

    p/ph2Fullscreen Slideshow - 全屏幻灯片投射插件背景/h2当用户想进行chrome浏览器的照片投影的时候需要选择一款合适的插件作为媒介,帮助您更快更方便地在电视或者屏幕上查看自己的照片。Francis Reynolds开发的这款Fullscreen Slideshow插件就可以帮助您完成这项需求。brbr当你安装完它在几秒钟内就可以正常工作并且非常便于上手,使用它之后你会觉得将照片从计算机投射到Chromecast的过程应该非常简单,并且安装了它实际上确实如此!brbrbrh2F

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  • Exif Viewer(照片信息查看器) v1.0.8

    Exif Viewer

    This utility lets you open a .jpeg image from your computer or from a URL to view its Exif data. Theres lots of interesting information held in image files for you to explore! Some images have GPS data so you can see exactly where it was taken. Nikon also

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  • Image Downloader Plus(图片下载) v2.0

    Image Downloader Plus

    Here is what you can do with this extension: ✔ Get all images from a web page ✔ Scrap photo while you are navigating on the web ✔ Filter the images by height, width, and type ✔ Download the selected in a specific folder ✔ Download the selected images as a

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  • Full Page Screen Capture(自动截图工具) v0.0.2

    Full Page Screen Capture

    The simplest way to take a full page screen capture of your current browser window. Click on the extension in your browser bar, wait for the image version of the web page to be generated, and then it will open up in a new tab that you can save-as or just

    大小:608 KB截图cheome插件

  • Theme Services(浏览器样式) v0.0.1

    Theme Services

    ph2Theme Services - 浏览器样式插件背景/h2当下是一个人人都追求个性化的时代,当然,在您使用谷歌浏览器的时候也不能例外,当您每天都面对同一种主题的谷歌浏览器工作学习的时候会很容易产生审美疲劳,所以我们需要一款能够改变我们谷歌浏览器的主题背景插件。brbrbrh2Theme Services - 浏览器样式插件介绍/h2Theme Services为Chrome浏览器开发的一款主题背景插件,用户安装了这款插件后可以自己来设计Chrome的主题背景。brbrbrh2Theme Servic

    大小:5.27 KB主题cheome插件

  • Azimuth: Download Facebook 360° Photos/Videos(下载Facebook 360°照片/视频) v0.10.0

    Azimuth: Download Facebook 360° Photos/Videos

    Hi! [NOTE: YOUll NEED TO RESTART CHROME AFTER FIRST INSTALLATION] This extension allows you to download Facebook 360 degree photos. It allows you to download them in equirectangular and cube-map formats. With automatic meta tagging. So you can instantly u

    大小:57.41 KB图片cheome插件

  • PhotoFunia(图片编辑工具) v1.0


    PhotoFunia is the best way to add a spark to your photos, make them special and more original. In only a few seconds an amazing photo collage is ready, absolutely free. PhotoFunia is so straight forward to use, that anyone, at any age, can use it with eas

    大小:16.23 KB图片cheome插件

  • Fatkun Batch Download Image - Pro(Fatkun图片批量下载Pro版) v6.5.5.4

    Fatkun Batch Download Image - Pro

    ph2fatkun Batch Download Image - Pro - fatkun图片批量下载Pro版插件背景/h2相信很多用户一定遇到过有着大量精美图片的网页,比如各种壁纸、设计素材、甚至是1024套图等等,但是通常几十上百张的图需要一张张手工去点击下载实在是太麻烦,很多用户工作中也常常遇到这样的烦恼,这时候我们只能借助批量下载网页图片的工具了。给大家介绍这样一款fatkun图片批量下载插件,可以找出当前页面的所有图片,提供按分辨率、链接等筛选图片,可以大大提高您收图的

    大小:941 KB图片cheome插件

  • Download all Images(下载所有图片) v0.6.7

    Download all Images

    Download All Images This is a highly customizable image saver extension that allows you to browse and download all images displayed on any web page. Features: 1. Can detect all images loaded in the current page regardless whether they are loaded in nested

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  • Highlighter(荧光笔) v1.0.1


    This app allows you to highlight text on any website. There are two ways to make it with a keyboard shortcut or with right click on your mouse. You can default keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+H. Or you can use an alternative way - just select the text you ne

    大小:86.01 KB工具cheome插件

  • Video converter(视频转换器) v10.7

    Video converter

    您的電腦,筆記本電腦,媒體播放器,視頻播放器或任何其他設備上播放某個視頻文件很難嗎? 也許,您所播放的影片與播放器不兼容。這是許多人遇到的最常見的問題,因為大多數玩家只能讀取和播放某些視頻格式。 如果視頻將在您的設備上播放,那將是非常幸運的。但是,如果您是不幸的人,您不用擔心,因為您只需在計算機中下載並安裝視頻轉換器應用程序即可。然後,您現在可以將任何視頻文件轉換為您喜歡的視頻格式。 通過使用此應用程序

    大小:39.85 KB视频cheome插件

  • Theme Services(主题管理器工具) v0.0.1

    Theme Services

    ph2Theme Services - 主题管理器工具背景/h2当下是一个人人都追求个性化的时代,当然,在您使用谷歌浏览器的时候也不能例外,当您每天都面对同一种主题的谷歌浏览器工作学习的时候会很容易产生审美疲劳,所以我们需要一款能够改变我们谷歌浏览器的主题背景插件。brbrbrh2Theme Services - 主题管理器工具介绍/h2Theme Services为Chrome浏览器开发的一款主题背景插件,用户安装了这款插件后可以自己来设计Chrome的主题背景。brbrbrh2Theme Servic

    大小:5.27 KB主题cheome插件