Local Image File Viewer(本地图像文件查看器) v0.0.0.41

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Local Image File Viewer是一款查看器类别的chrome浏览器插件,目前更新的版本为v0.0.0.41,语言支持为English,查看器类别插件评分9.8,目前已被847人关注,本插件由邵嘉玉 上传分享。

Local Image File Viewer
  • 插件:本地图像文件查看器 v0.0.0.41
  • 类别:查看器类Chrome插件
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  • CSSViewer(CSS查看器) v1.7
  • Image Viewer(图片查看器) v0.1.6.3
  • Exif Viewer(照片信息查看器) v1.0.8
  • JSON Viewer(Json格式查看器) v0.18.0
  • EXIF Viewer Classic(EXIF信息) v2.5.0
  • 从本地文件系统资源管理器中打开一个文件:///图像,却发现您想轻松地查看目录中的下一个和上一个图像?


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    Ever open a file:/// image from your local file system explorer only to find that you want to view the next and previous image in the directory with ease?

    Well now you can.  Install the extension and visit it's options page for more details about how it works!


    Note - you have to manually allow access to file URLs once the extension is installed, similar to how you might allow extensions in incognito mode. 


    Fullscreen Slideshow Steps:

    1) From options set body CSS to background-color:black;

    2) Consider checking the option to reduce flicker if URL bar matters not

    3) On windows press F11 to enter fullscreen, on mac press Command+Shift+F

    ( note: version 0.19 contains a bug where the save button will seem to save formats other than PNG.  It does not - all files saved with this version are PNGs.  Version 0.20 will save JPGs in addition to PNGs. )


    Local Image File Viewer.crx文件格式插件安装



    3、找到已经下载好的Chrome离线安装文件Local Image File Viewer.crx,然后将本地图像文件查看器文件从资源管理器中拖动到Chrome的扩展管理界面中,这时候用户会发现在扩展管理器的中央部分中会多出一个”拖动以安装“的插件按钮。



    Local Image File Viewer文件夹格式插件安装





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